During the drinks reception, walk Around magic is ideal for getting your guests in the mood for the evening's entertainment.

Close-Up magic is ideal for amazing guests throughout the dinner, and can be followed by a small after dinner cabaret if further entertainment is required.

At your wedding Adrian makes it his sole mission to ensure everyone is having fun. That’s why he's there!

It’s not about the magic, the tricks or fooling people. It’s about lighting up aunty Hilda’s face, baffling the perpetually moody teenagers and making sure you and your guests have an absolutely amazing day.

When you look back at your wedding you’ll remember the funny moments, the great moments and that time that you laughed so hard you couldn’t finish your soup!

Adrian makes people laugh and performs magic. Amazing magic.

He is alsp able to help you create a completely unforgettable event

Adrian will add to the atmosphere and you will hear screams and cheers of amazement

Adrian will help to make your guests feel at ease and relax them amongst a crowd of potentially new faces

Your guests will come and thank you for requesting Adrian to perform close up magic at your function

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+44 7766 104806 UK

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