Adrian Hurley

I have seen Adrian perform his wonderful 'magic' several times and at different venues and he is superb.
Little children are
entertained and totally amazed at some of the wonderfultricks he performs.
He is polite, extremely pleasant and fascinating but not intrusive. On one occasion he occupied about 30 children for almost an hour.
I overheard one little boy as he left with his individually created balloon " That was
the best party I have ever been to.
magician was brill.
I would
recommend Adrian to anyone who requires a first class entertainer. He is the best.

Peggy Shanahan


I first encountered Adrian after a church event for my niece. I didn't know who he was and thought when he started to entertain at first the few children that were present, he was just some relation and one of those quite decent, but sad people, who think that everyone's dearest wish is to see thier astounding acts of legerdemain by doing their hackneyed tricks, seen many times before by more accomplished performers. How wrong I was; he was brilliant! Watching him closely I found his tricks mystifying and his manner wonderfully pleasant. I heartily recommend him.
Peter Day


Hired Adrian to do some close up work to help warm up a works event/team building do I had planned. Probably about 40 staff in attendance, maybe slightly more.
I thought his work was
brilliant, unique, and funny. In addition to his magician tricks,
he was really
endearing and could captivate an audience full of drunken people.
Wasnt expensive so thought money well spend.

Coreen - Barnsley

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